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The Codidact Foundation

Our non-profit organization, The Codidact Foundation, is made up of people directly from our communities, located in countries all over the world. We're incorporated in the United Kingdom as a Community Interest Company (CIC), with plans to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in the future. The organization exists in order to provide a central focal point for processing costs and donations, including opening and maintaining a bank account. You can read more at our initial announcement.


The Codidact Foundation is supported by generous donors. Thank you for supporting this project!


The Codidact Project is run by hard-working volunteers, from code contributors to the people who ask and answer questions in our communities. In addition, there are seven people who officially comprise the Board of Directors for the Codidact Foundation, the non-profit organization responsible for the project.


ArtOfCode is the Project Lead for Codidact. He handles the servers, writes and reviews code, and engages in community support.

Monica Cellio

Monica Cellio is the Community Lead for Codidact. She helps build and manage our communities, handles support tickets, provides guidance to our moderators, and more.


Mithrandir24601 is the Group Leader for Developer Documentation and the official Secretary for the Codidact Foundation. He handles most Foundation-related business.


luap42 is the Development Lead for Codidact. He writes and reviews code, helps other contributors working on the codebase, fixes bugs, and adds new features.


Sigma is co-Group Leader for User Documentation and the official Secretary for the Codidact Foundation. She handles the Foundation's finances and makes sure our user docs are up-to-date.


Mithical is co-Group Leader for User Documentation. Mithical writes and maintains help center articles and blog posts, helps guide our moderators, and makes sure things don't fall through the cracks.


manassehkatz is the Group Leader for the sysadmin team at Codidact. He's responsible for making sure that our servers are up and that all our services are up and running.