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We thank the many generous donors who support The Codidact Foundation and the network of communities at, including:

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All founders have also provided funding.

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Community First

We're building an open-source platform for community-driven Q&A sites. We welcome beginners and experts alike, and aim to empower communities of learners and teachers. We're funded by seeking donations, not by paywalls, and work with individual communities that want to join us.

The Codidact Foundation

Our non-profit organization, The Codidact Foundation, is made up of people directly from our communities, located in countries all over the world. We're incorporated in the United Kingdom as a Community Interest Company (CIC), with plans to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in the future. The organization exists in order to provide a central focal point for processing costs and donations, including opening and maintaining a bank account. You can read more at our initial announcement.

We believe in being transparent with the resources that our donors have generously gifted us with. You can view our financial records for 2021 here.

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All of the Codidact code is hosted on Github. Codidact is open-source — PRs are welcomed.


Discussions about our project and communities happen on our Meta site.


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